About Us

Who We Are

CodeSSiL, a new avatar company using state of the art Connected Devices and Smart Living Services combines, best of technology and human intervention. Our aim is to deter bad elements from disturbing your kin, sweet home or retail showroom. Our Central Monitoring System- 24x7 keeps a close watch while you are far away and in-case an event happens not only does it intimate you, but we also swing into action by calling an ambulance, the police station or security agency or the insurance company.

CodeSSiL product solutions are positioned for family: elderly-child care, home automation and business viz retail showroom or warehouses. Most solutions just record the bad event but do not report, prevent or alert before it happens or while something is at risk.

Once an event happens it is captured by the GSM enabled alarm systems of CodeSSiL. It could be an elder falling at home or burglars breaking into the house or showroom. All this is captured by the sensors. CodeSSiL, 24x7 Central Monitoring Systems managed by our executive will not only send communication to you but inform the nearest ambulance- doctor, blood bank or police station, security guard thus reducing rescue time and further damage.

So while you are far away from your parents or kids or vacationing leaving your home or office - CodesSsil is back there.

Stop Worrying! We’re Watching!

Unique Features


Automation is an economical system to communicate and control the equipment by smartphone or computer.

Digital Security

It is a way to secure and identify the threat proactively for your home or business using digital equipment and provide real-time monitoring capability by smart phone or computer.

Peace of Mind Services

CodeSSiL professional services provides monitoring, rapid response in case of burglary, fire or other eventualities. We detect and prevent the bad events.