Home Care

When on holiday, last thing to worry about is the house back home. Did you lock the closet? Has anybody switched off the lights or kept the CCTV on ? Who knows if somebody is trying to break into by cutting off the sirens or giving bad food to your dog or befriending your guard?

CodeSSiL Home Care

Automation Systems & Smart Services (do we use Peace of Mind Services), using GSM enabled alarm systems keeps bad elements out of the house. Not to worry, if you forgot to switch off lights or the CCTV/Sirens, internet enabled sensors can be activated from miles away.

Further, our Peace of Mind Services especially tailor made for you, using high technology 24x7 Central Monitoring Systems will swing into action by rushing a security guard or fire services to minimise the damages.

Keep Holidaying! We’re Watching.

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Business Care

In today’s businesses, we face challenges of all kinds but most difficult to overcome is the loss on account of theft. Jewellery, mobile phones, currency notes establishments are soft targets, as these are high value. The loss of goods is loss of investment.

CodeSSiL Business Care

Using a mix of GSM & internet technologies forms a protection ring that not only detects, but prevents and reduces possible business loss. Do not worry if the electricity to the CCTV is cut off or the security guard is off duty, because CodeSSiL’s 24x7 Central Monitoring Systems is awake.

Our Peace of Mind Services (PMS) goes beyond just sending an SMS/Call, it will rush a well- trained security guard, file a police complaint or bring in a lock smith to reduce the impact in event of a burglary.

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Elderly Care

Living far away from parents, while posted abroad on the job or on a project is not easy. Today, nuclear family concept comes with own set of responsibilities and care for elderly parents is top priority, even today.

CodeSSiL- Elderly Care

It combines a slew of hi-tech gadgets, GSM & internet enabled network of products not only automates the home of your parents but also provide 24x7 Central Monitoring Systems that keeps a watchful eye in-case an event happens.

We do not stop here, after informing designated people assigned by you, our Peace of the Mind Services has, on list, a ready network of doctors, ambulance services or police like security guards coming for rescue at the earliest and assist the dear-ones.

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